You and Your Microbiome in 2020


  • Can food alter how you feel?
  • What is a “microbiome?”
  • How does good bacteria affect our health?
  • 8 tips for a healthy microbiome

Over the past year, I have done a deep dive into an unusual topic: my gut. No, I’m not speaking about courage in the face of danger. I’m talking about how gut health affects the health of the rest of our bodies.

As the old adage goes — “We are what we eat.”

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How A Curcumin Created by Neuroscientists Improved My Golf Game

Several months back, I was playing golf with my friends, and one in particular beat me pretty soundly. Now, my buddy is a good golfer – and it’s not like this was the first time I lost to him – so I put it down to just having a bad day on the links. But when I went to practice recently, I noticed my back ached after a bunch of swings. I’ve had my share of exercise and sports related aches and pains, but when I hit 50 I knew I needed something to helps with the wear and tear. The next few games also saw me worried about my back, driving shorter and missing putts that I usually sink. It became obvious that I couldn’t just chalk it up to a string of bad days. I needed to be proactive, up my joint health, reduce the stiffness, promote my focus and set myself up for better golf in my future.

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